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Dr. S. Arani MD's Medical Facility with ability of quick screening, testing (FDA Approved), & treatment of Pubic Lice and scabies. If you need answers for your concerns, we can help you. We primarily operate an advanced STD practice, we don't do family planning, abortion, pregnancy, or prenatal.

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It is an skin infestation by the mite called Sarcoptes Scabei. It gets transmitted through skin to skin contact. During sexual contact , it passes from one person to the other. The symptom might take few weeks to get started or few days if you have been infested before.

It has intense itching. Patient usually come to us with complain of body itching which usually gets worsen at night. Upon examination pimple like irritation with sores due to intense scratching are visible. It is a STD that unfortunately could get transmitted by sharing clothing, towels, and bedding as well.

The good news is that the mite usually does not survive more than 72 hours out of body, however, it could live loner on the skin.

These are not same mite that your pet get infested with.





It could be done with direct microscopy of skin sample by experience physician. It needs a lot of experience to pick the right lesion for the sample for testing because there could be as little as 10 mites for entire body.



You must inform your partner if you were diagnosed with scabies so your partner get the chance to get treated as well.



Lice (Pediculosis and Pthiriasis)

"Lice are parasitic insects that can be found on people's heads, and bodies, including the pubic area. Human lice survive by feeding on human blood. Lice found on each area of the body are different from each other. The three types of lice that live on humans are:

  • Pediculus humanus capitis (head louse),
  • Pediculus humanus corporis (body louse, clothes louse), and
  • Pthirus pubis ("crab" louse, pubic louse)."



Pubic Lice ( Crabs)

Are small insects that infest pubic area in both female and male.

It usually spread through sexual contact. Unfortunatley, condom does not provide much of protection against pubic lice as it does not cover the pubic area.

We diagnose them with special scope, The genital examination is important upon your doctor visit to uncover STDs such as Crabs.



Itching on groin and pubic area started usually in few days after sexual contact. You do not need to have penetration in order to get infested with pubic lice.



You must inform your partner if you got infested with Pubic lice so your partner could get treated as well.





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