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Dr. Arani Medical Center, Full Diagnostic&Treatment Institution
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Treatment if needed

Dr Arani Medical Center Available on the same day of visit for all STDs, You may get treated sometimes without even testing.

Other Testing Centers None, you must find the actual clinic or doctor to get examined & treated. For example you can't get injection for gonorrhea or Syphilis by just prescribing over the phone. Nor Treated for HIV, MCV, HPV, NGU, BV, Hepatitis, STD in Throat, Anus, Pubic, Testicle. etc online or over the phone.


Dr Arani Medical Center Total privacy. No multistate national data base company. No online billing or Name/ info sharing. We are real medical center follow 100% privacy and confidentiality law. You may pay cash in direct (no third party sharing) payment and not to use your credit card information name and no western UnionTM

Other Testing Centers -Online personal information sharing. -Your credit card name will be link as STD testing client -Permanent electronic record on nationwide generic corprate lab. possible STD test sales marketing company mail list phone list-online name sharing for STD testing client -Sharing Credit Card Information link as STD Testing Client

Oral sex, anal sex, Vaginal, pubic related STD

Dr Arani Medical Center We are able to evaluate you for all For example: NGU, Chlamydia in throat or anus (not just urine) HPV, Molluscum, crab on pubic Bacterial Vaginosis in female Trichomonas, etc

Other Testing Centers None

Cancellation Fee

Dr Arani Medical Center None, There is no cancellation fee

Other Testing Centers Up to 30-40% Cancellation Fee!

STD Exam

Dr Arani Medical Center Will be done as part of the consultation by doctor, you may get your diagnosis without even testing

Other Testing Centers No exam available

Accuracy and Quality of Our STD Testing

Dr Arani Medical Center Exclusive STD medical lab would perform your test. Our tests are extremely accurate. Our Lab is under constant evaluation, quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), and proficiency evaluation (PT) and state inspection. Our lab director is MD in STD field.

Other Testing Centers Generic medical lab

Test for all Types of STDs

Dr Arani Medical Center All Available

Other Testing Centers None, Just 8 tests

Peace of Mind

Dr Arani Medical Center To be given to you by MD Physician only

Other Testing Centers None, (no mater what online vender claims)

STD test and screening order

Dr Arani Medical Center By MD in venerology practice chosen by doctor only considering your exam, history, complaint, time of exposure and your request

Other Testing Centers Chosen by online sales counselors, telemarketer, venders, etc (Non-MD)


Dr Arani Medical Center Please feel free to read about our center, we are well known institution authorized to do STD testing, listed by CDC, credential of health care provider is in disclosed for your evaluation

Other Testing Centers There is no original company physical address information is disclosed on the web site, mostly out of state, P.O Box with toll free # and credit card machine and drawing blood station address


Dr Arani Medical Center No ID or Credit card name and billing address information would be shared online. You may choose to pay direct for the service and not to use your card.

Other Testing Centers You may share all your billing information and name, which is link to patient online or online company as a STD testing Customer.

NGU, Crabs, Bacterial culture, Herpes culture, Trichomonas, Chancroid, Infectious Mono, LGV evaluation, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), MRSA, and many more test...

Dr Arani Medical Center All available

Other Testing Centers None only 4-8 routine panel test is available with routine non customized procedure for everyone

Partner deliver therapy If you are infected for certain STD (For example: If you become positive for chlamydia then we will give you medicine for to take it home for your partner)

Dr Arani Medical Center Available

Other Testing Centers None

Follow up after screening and STD testing

Dr Arani Medical Center Direct (MD) doctor unlimited interaction, consultation, phone calls, for up to 14 days By physician, Ask all your questions

Other Testing Centers No Doctor direct close follow up

STD Counseling

Dr Arani Medical Center By physician, ask all your questions

Other Testing Centers No Doctor direct close follow up STD Counseling By physician, ask all your questions You get some service before payment then you are on your own after you get charged with 40% cancellation fee

HPV Genital wart & Molluscum evaluation

Dr Arani Medical Center Available

Other Testing Centers None

Oral Sex and STD, One Of The Most Common Oral Sex STD Is NGU

You may also contract STD by oral sex. Many bactrias and viruses could get transmitted by oral fluid exchange or direct mucosa contact (deep french kiss) such as Gonorrhea, Chlamydia , Syphillis, etc. Oral sex raises the risk of a common STD called NGU. We are glad to announce that our lab is now capable to test for NGU as well.

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Partner At Risk

We will help you in this matter and explain the course of treatment. We will facilitate this most challenging aspect of STD. In certain STD's, both partners must get treated. We are here to help you in these most difficult situations, especially where there is a third party involved.

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Only 10 Min Test Result

If you can't wait another week for your result Then we give it to you as early as 10 min today

Herpes II blood test result in 10 min

Syphilis screening test result in 25 min

Trichomonas test result in 10 minutes

Hepatitis C test Result in 25 Minutes

Cold Sore Herpes Direct Test Result in 15 min

Gonorrhea Result in symptomatic Patient in 15 min

Urethritis, NGU Test result in 15 min

HPV/ Wart examination /Evaluation /Biopsy same day

Both HIV 1 & HIV 2 FDA approved test result in 15 min

Bacterial Vaginosis test result in 5 minutes

Urine test result in 5 minutes

Chancroid sore microscopic test in 15 min

Bacterial Urethritis test result in 20 minutes

Infectious Mono Test result in 10 min

Liver Function Blood Test for Hepatitis in 10 minutes

Genitalia Candidiasis (Yeast infection) in 10 minutes

Ring worm, Jock itch test result in 10 minutes

Scabies test result in 15 minutes

Genital wart biopsy and treatment same day visit *And Many More

If there are other tests that takes longer such as pathology or DNA, RNA testing or for example western blot then we will inform your expected test result day in advance, however we are still very fast and efficient.
No Symptom STD

Sexually transmitted diseases may or may not be symptomatic. You may be a carrier of bacterial STD or viral infection such as Chlamydia or Herpes or HIV but you may not have any symptoms, however, your new partner may get infected by you and become symptomatic

Some of the symptom for STD if symptomatic after encounter

Feeling tingling or itching or burning in urethra of genitalia. Feeling that you still need to urine after urination. May have urgency or goes to bathroom more often, or may just feeling pressure , Vaginal or Penile discharge , Sore troat after sex , Genital/pubic itching , Lower Abdominal Pain , Pain upon sex or ejaculation , Swellen groin lymph node , Malodor , Genitalia skin discoloration (change in color) or , Having a sore or growth ,You may have urinary symptom such as burning when urinating or you may not have it at all.

Safe Sex

Although condom use is a must, you may still get STD even when using a protective condom. Bacteria and specially viruses are so small, they could easily slip through the condom ring around the penile shaft or when the condom is removed or infect area which does not have coverage, however,use protection for vaginal, oral or anal sex is highly recommended. Protection against different STD varies with condom. For example it may decrease the chance of NGU transmission but not much of help for molluscum or genital wart on base of penile and pubic area.

The only way to prevent STDs is by not having sex at all. If you do have sex, you can lower your risk by only having sex with (1) someone who doesn't have an STD and (2) isn't having sex with anyone else. Be careful of using your partner and always use protection

Use Protection or Say No To Your Partner!

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